Benefits of Product Warranties

Most heating and cooling products on the market are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties will often vary between makes and even equipment models. Often, a warranty will reflect the MSRP, but one warranty can be better than another at a similar price. This is why industry experts strongly advise consumers to shop around when it comes to HVAC warranties and find the one that best suits them.

Peace of Mind

At Lion Home Service, we offer a full range of cooling and heating services to homeowners throughout Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. When it comes to product warranties, we often talk to our customers about peace of mind. An air conditioner, furnace or heat pump is an investment that should last at least 10 to 15 years. If you want to have confidence in the life expectancy of the product, a manufacturer’s warranty is an important aspect of the purchase.

Lower Costs Over the Long Term

Finding the right warranty can lower your costs in the short term and over the long haul. If repair is required beyond basic maintenance, your guarantee could cover some or all of the parts and supplies required and even the labor costs in some cases.

Resale Value

Warranties often give you options such as extending the protection to better safeguard yourself for more of the product’s lifespan. These guarantees are often transferrable in whole or in part, and you can often pay to make even more of the protection transferable. This is important in cases where you may sell your home within the next 15 years because it increases the resale value of the property.

Find the Right Warranty

If you’re considering new HVAC equipment and want to find the ideal warranty for you and your home, Lion Home Service would love to help you do that. In addition to HVAC equipment, we can also assist with warranties and services related to home electrical systems and water heaters. We also install insulation, perform radon testing and repair drains. Call us today to learn more about our many services.