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Fort Collins Sewer Repair

Let Lion Home Service address all your sewer system problems with Fort Collins sewer repair services. Call today at (970) 829-8222!

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Fort Collins Sewer Repair
When You Choose Lion Home Service For Your Plumbing Needs, You Get:
  • Fast, effective repair services with free quotes available
  • Integrated preventative maintenance
  • Enjoy more water-effecient plumbing system
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Discounts for veterans, seniors, and the disabled
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Bobbi S.

I have had the most awesome service from Lion Home Services. They had somebody at my house the very next day when everyone else had a 3-4 day wait. Kyle came to our house and looked things over. He took ...

Val D

Lion Home Service was fantastic. I had called them due to another company pushing my service back and couldn’t tell me if they would make it the same day or next day. Being upset about the situation Katie in ...

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These guys have been fabulous. Efficient, timely and professional.

Fort Collins Sewer Repair, Replacement, Cleaning and More!

Working with qualified professionals for Fort Collin sewer repair ensures a job well done. And the most trusted plumbing company for your sewer-related needs is Lion Home Service. We have years of sewer repair experience and can address any problem you’re experiencing, from sewer line backups to sewer odor in Fort Collins. As a result, our clients know to rely on us for the leading sewer services in town. So when it’s time for your next sewer repair job, call the pros at Lion Home Service!

Detect Problems With Fort Collins Sewer Inspection

A Fort Collins sewer inspection will help us determine the exact problem with your sewer pipes. So if you suspect issues but can’t locate them, we’ll do it for you with our detection services. Our plumbers use sewer camera equipment that provides an entire overview of your system. So whether you’re dealing with leaks or clogs, we’ll pinpoint their locations and proceed with the correct repairs. Unfortunately, many plumbers only know to dig into your yard to examine your lines, but our experts perform inspections with little to no digging. Contact us soon for an accurate sewer system evaluation!

Common Reasons For Sewer Repair In Fort Collins

After an inspection, we’ll review the results with you and conduct sewer repair in Fort Collins. Although some problems, like sewer odor in Fort Collins, may only require a thorough cleaning, others need repair or replacement. Common reasons to schedule a sewer repair appointment include the following:

  • Sewage leaking out of your pipes or into the yard
  • Sagging sewer line leading to clogs or backups
  • Corroded piping material
  • Pipe channeling, due to erosion or shifting soil, which typically requires pipe relining

We prefer relining as an effective alternative to traditional repairs that need digging. It’s a fast and affordable procedure, taking much less time to complete. But some cases may require us to dig trenches, which we’ll perform as carefully as possible.

Fort Collins Sewer Replacement For Broken Pipes

Lion Home Service always delivers the most suitable, cost-effective solution to your pipes. And that means your aging and damaged sewer lines may need Fort Collins sewer replacement. Old pipes often corrode and accumulate buildup that can contaminate your water supply. Some materials, like galvanized steel, may even contain lead. So after we inspect your system for issues, we’ll inform you if sewer replacement in Fort Collins is necessary.

Preventative Sewer Cleaning In Fort Collins

Sometimes, a sewer inspection will reveal that all you need is a sewer cleaning in Fort Collins. In other cases, we clean your sewer in preparation for a different service, such as sewer replacement. But either way, sewer cleaning can clear out existing clogs and prevent future ones from developing. As a result, we recommend routine cleanings to extend the life of your sewer lines.

Contact Lion Home Service For Fort Collins Sewer Repair

At Lion Home Service, our Fort Collins sewer repair services cover a wide range of issues you may be experiencing, including sewage backups, leaks, and odors. So if your sewer pipes leak or your drains start to smell, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll arrive as soon as possible to diagnose and treat the problem. As experienced plumbers, we’re ready to clean, repair, or replace any section of your sewer lines as needed. So call (970) 829-8222 or complete our form to schedule a sewer inspection or service call today!

When You Choose Lion Home Service For Your Plumbing Needs, You Get:

Whether you need toilet repair, or new pipes for your home, we’ve got you covered. Our plumbers are licensed, drug screened, and show up on time with the tools needed to get the job done. To ensure that your home or business is always protected, we also offer plumbing maintenance and emergency repairs.

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