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Loveland Insulation Experts

Blown-in Insulation in Loveland, CO Lion Home Service is a leading provider of quality spray foam and blown-in insulation for homeowners in the Loveland, CO, area. Our team of experienced service experts has insulated hundreds of local homes, so you can feel confident that your insulation project is in the right hands. We’ll expertly guide you through each step of the project, from choosing the right type of garage or attic insulation to completing a precise, quality insulation service.

Our customers benefit from:
  • Highly trained and courteous service experts
  • Fast, reliable service
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • High-quality attic insulation products
  • Choice of spray foam and blown-in insulation
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Quality Attic and Garage Insulation

Insulation is vital to protect your Loveland home from the extreme annual temperature changes we experience in the Colorado Front Range. Here at Lion Home Service, we’re proud to offer affordable, accurate services for attic and garage insulation throughout Loveland. Plus, we’ll help you choose the right type of insulation for your residence. Our service experts are skilled with both popular insulation varieties: blown-in insulation and spray on. Blown-in insulation – also called “traditional insulation” – involves placing chunks of fiberglass or cellulose-based insulation in the walls of your home. We can install it from scratch or even place it over your existing attic insulation. Doing so will increase your home’s efficiency and comfort.

5 benefits of insulating your home:

Garage and Attic Insulation in Loveland

  • Reduced heating and cool bills
  • Affordable procedure for maximum ROI
  • The process is quick and convenient
  • Reduced noise pollution from outside
  • Blocks out moisture and condensation

We also offer quality spray foam insulation. Spray foam is a cutting-edge soft foam insulation that we spray into place. It fits into small gaps and cracks, so many homeowners consider it more energy-efficient than insulation that’s blown in. Not only will spray foam effectively seal your walls and ceiling, but it even seals the small gaps around outlets and light fixtures. Unsure about what kind of insulation you need? Our courteous service experts will help you choose the right option for your property and budget.

Loveland Insulation Experts

Ready to bring your home’s comfort and energy efficiency to the next level? Then allow us to lend a hand. The service experts at Lion Home Service are ready to install top-notch garage insulation and attic insulation in your Loveland home. Whether you need an extra layer of traditional blown-in insulation or cutting-edge spray foam insulation, we’ll make sure the job is done right!

For high quality insulation services, no one does it better than Lion Home Service! Contact us today to learn more.

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