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Sump Pumps
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Lion Home Service Offers Expert Sump Pump Services

When everything is working right, chances are you don’t remember that you have a sump pump hidden somewhere in your basement. This may be the first time you’ve thought about the humble machine that keeps your basement dry. However, the moment your sump pump fails, you realize just how critical it is to the overall wellbeing of your home. That is why our community only trusts the best sump pump services company, Lion Home Service, for their repair and replacement needs.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

If you’ve never had to deal with sump pumps, you may not be familiar with this particular piece of your home’s plumbing. However, before understanding how this specific pump works, we must first explore what a sump is.

The sump in your home is essentially a pit that allows excess water a place to pool beneath your home. This pit prevents heavy rains from flooding your basement. However, a sump can only hold so much water.

If your home’s sump reaches capacity, the moisture can seep into your basement and ruin your foundation! When building a house, contractors often include the pump in the section of the building with the lowest elevation. The pump installation occurs in a chamber whose bottom intersects the top of the sump. If the sump begins to reach capacity, this chamber will be the first place to fill up. Thankfully the rising water is removed by the pump, preventing the moisture from ever reaching your home.

Sump Pump Repair

Keeping your sump pump in good condition is integral to keeping your home protected from floods. Thankfully, checking the condition of your sump pump is an easy process. All you have to do is locate and slowly pour water into the pit around your pump. As soon as the water reaches the right level, your pump should start working to remove it. However, if it fails to do this, you will need a professional’s help to inspect and evaluate your pump. Issues with a sump pump range from:

  • Detritus In The Pit: The pit where your pump resides may slowly fill with debris. This trash can get stuck in your pump or otherwise render it inoperable.
  • A Damaged Float: If your pump fails to activate, it likely has something to do with its float. Without a float that works properly, your pump has no way of knowing if water is present or not.
  • A Broken Check Valve: Sump pumps use one-way valves known as check valves to ensure that no water ever enters through the outlet. If these valves become stuck, there is no way for the water to exit the pit.
  • Electrical Problems: Because sump pumps deal with water, they are usually connected to GFCI outlets. While this arrangement protects your home, it also means that your sump pump may periodically lose power.

When it comes to sump pump repair, you can be sure that the team at Lion Home Service has the know-how to keep yours in tip-top shape. Our experts can perform most repairs during a routine service visit. But, of course, if the damage is too extensive, one of Lion’s plumbers may need to replace the unit entirely.

Sump Pump Replacement

Replacing an old sump pump can be dirty work. Reaching the pump is difficult, but performing the entire process yourself is an absolute headache. Even after the replacement is finished, there’s no guarantee that your amateur installation will succeed. Instead, have Lion Home Service‘s professional plumbers take care of the job for you. Then, we can perform the replacement and ensure that the new pump is the best fit for your home. Plus, our inspections can identify small problems before they become major catastrophes, saving you money in the long run. Then, when you get your sump pump replacement from Lion Home Service, to can feel confident knowing that the job is done right!

Basement Sump Pumps

Basement sump pumps are a standard part of homes in areas with basements susceptible to flooding. This kind of pump uses a flotation device to sense if the water level in the sump has increased beyond what is normal. That means that basement sump pumps operate automatically whenever water levels in a sump rise too high. When it comes to sump pumps, these are the most convenient as they require little to no input from anyone to do their job.

While most pumps receive power through direct connections to a building’s electrical circuit, some people opt for a battery-operated sump pump. These units operate essentially the same as wired ones, except they rely on a long-lasting battery for operation. Why a battery? Well, people mostly use battery-operated units as backups. Storms and blackouts go hand in hand, so having a way to pump a sump during these times is essential. -In addition, battery-operated pumps are usually used with wired units to ensure that a building’s sump never overflows and floods the basement. Suppose you’re unsure whether you need a battery-operated sump pump. In that case, we can give you a professional’s opinion on your system.

Sewage Ejector Pump

While they tend to operate using the same principles, sewage ejector pumps provide a very different service from sump pumps. Where sump pumps keep ground or rainwater from flooding your basement, sewage ejector pumps remove wastewater from plumbing fixtures that operate below ground level.

Trust Lion With Your Sump Pumps

Lion Home Service knows what it takes to keep your home above water regarding sump pumps. With our quick and reliable services, we can have your sump pump up and operational like nothing ever happened to it. The expertise of our team in all things plumbing helps us provide you with the best service possible no matter the issue. Why wait any longer! Call us today at (970) 829-8222 to schedule a service visit with one of our friendly representatives!

Much of your plumbing works with gravity to take water out of your home and into your sewer line. But, as you might suspect, it is impossible for wastewater from below the sewer line to exit your home normally. A sewage ejector pump solves that problem. Like a regular sump pump, the ejector pump uses electrical power and water pressure to take water to surface level. However, where a sump pump may deposit the water in a storm drain, the ejector pump connects directly to your sewer or septic system. These pumps are convenient for underground plumbing, but the sealed pit they require to work makes them difficult to repair.

Your Go-To Northern Colorado Sump Pump Professionals

The team at Lion has handled all of your home needs for years, and you can trust us to deliver the same consistent service no matter the job. We can help you get your sump and sewage ejector pumps back to full operation with little more than a short service call. For example, if you find that your basement is more humid than it has any right to be, call up our service representatives at (970) 829-8222 or through our web portal. We’ll send over one of our sump pump professionals to set things right.

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