Boiler Maintenance

Lion-Home-Service-Boiler-Maintenance-Fort-Collins-CO Boilers are some of the most dependable residential heating systems on the market. They are built to provide several years of reliable service, but some maintenance is required to keep them running as they should. Keeping up with maintenance also helps prevent breakdowns and premature system failure. At Lion Home Service, we are proud to offer expert boiler maintenance in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and throughout the northern Colorado area.

When your boiler needs some TLC, we are a service company you can rely on for honest, affordable service.

Why Boiler Maintenance in Fort Collins Is Important

Because boilers have a reputation for being so dependable, many owners fail to keep up with routine maintenance. Boiler maintenance is commonly overlooked – but it shouldn’t be. By having your boiler serviced annually, you can detect minor problems early before they can result in system failure. These minor issues are often easy to fix and can save you the expense of having to replace the entire system. Keeping up with boiler maintenance also ensures that the system is running at maximum efficiency. This means lower energy bills.

A Routine boiler tune-up preserves your warranty and ensures that the system is running safely.

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Boiler Tune-Up in Fort Collins

When you need boiler maintenance in northern Colorado, we can help. When you contact us, we will inspect the entire system to make sure it is working like it should. In addition to thoroughly inspecting the tank, we will check other vital components like the piping run throughout your home and the heating element. Our boiler tune-up includes us making sure your system is operating at peak efficiency, and we will address any problems we may find.

At Lion Home Service, we strive to help our customers stay safe and warm all winter long. By investing in boiler maintenance in Fort Collins, you can prevent many common problems while ensuring that the system is operating safely. To schedule an appointment for boiler maintenance, please contact us today. Not looking for boiler maintenance? We also offer AC maintenance.

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