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Loveland garbage disposals are available from Lion Home Service. Call our 5-star Loveland garbage disposal professionals at (970) 508-4815 today to learn more today! Remember, when it comes to garbage disposals, we're always the company to call!

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Loveland Garbage Disposals
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I have had the most awesome service from Lion Home Services. They had somebody at my house the very next day when everyone else had a 3-4 day wait. Kyle came to our house and looked things over. He took ...

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Lion Home Service was fantastic. I had called them due to another company pushing my service back and couldn’t tell me if they would make it the same day or next day. Being upset about the situation Katie in ...

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These guys have been fabulous. Efficient, timely and professional.

Lion Home Service specializes in reliable services for your Loveland garbage disposals. A well-functioning garbage disposal is an essential appliance for any homeowner. These devices enhance kitchen convenience and can prevent clogged sinks. Our team is here to help when you need repair, replacement, and installation services for your garbage disposal. Say goodbye to kitchen disruptions and enjoy a smoothly running kitchen once again. Contact us today at (970) 508-4815 to schedule an appointment!

Loveland Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals can experience wear and tear like any other plumbing fixture. While regular maintenance can help prolong their lifespan, there may come a point when repairs are necessary. If you’re facing issues such as jams, improper grinding, or poor drainage, our skilled technicians can help. Our Loveland garbage disposal repair services will address the problem effectively. After inspecting your garbage disposal, our experts will recommend the most suitable repair or replacement options.

Loveland Garbage Disposal Replacement

A malfunctioning garbage disposal can cause significant disruption to your kitchen routine. You’ll have to keep food waste out of the drain or risk clogs and foul odors. Fortunately, Lion Home Service offers Loveland garbage disposal replacement services. Our plumbers will assess your needs and help you select the ideal model for your sink. You can feel confident knowing we’ll provide new and reliable garbage disposal in your kitchen.

Types Of Garbage Disposal In Loveland

When it’s time for a replacement, consider the following factors to ensure you make the right choice for your garbage disposal in Loveland:

  • Types: Garbage disposals come in two primary types—continuous feed and batch feed. Continuous feed systems run as long as you keep the wall switch on, while batch feed disposals require a stopper for operation, offering added safety.
  • Motor Power: Garbage disposal motors vary in power, typically from 1/3 to 1 horsepower. Higher horsepower models can handle tougher waste more effectively.
  • Capacity: Consider garbage disposal capacity, as larger chambers can handle more food waste at once.
  • Noise Rating: Garbage disposals with higher horsepower and advanced features operate more quietly, creating a more pleasant kitchen environment.

Loveland Garbage Disposal Installation

Installing a garbage disposal involves specialized knowledge and training. It’s best to entrust Loveland garbage disposal installation to our professional to ensure correct installation and prevent accidents. At Lion Home Service, our experienced technicians follow safe installation practices and adhere to industry standards. Rest assured that we will flawlessly set up your new garbage disposal, meeting all your requirements.

Loveland Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure your garbage disposal’s longevity and optimal performance. Follow these Loveland garbage disposal maintenance tips from our experts:

  • Run Cold Water: While operating the garbage disposal, run cold water to facilitate smooth drainage.
  • Use Ice Cubes: Grind ice cubes in the disposal to clean off any buildup on the blades and inside the drainpipe, keeping it in top condition.
  • Avoid Clogs: Prevent clogs by keeping coffee grounds, fats, eggshells, bones, and starchy foods away from the disposal.

Try mixing vinegar and baking soda if your disposal still clogs despite these tips. This homemade solution can remove debris and eliminate bacteria when you pour it down the drain. However, for persistent or complex clogs, rely on the expertise of Lion Home Service.

Your Trusted Provider Of Loveland Garbage Disposals

At Lion Home Service, we deliver efficient solutions for your Loveland garbage disposals. Whether you require repair or replacement, our dedicated team has a proven track record you can trust. Experience the convenience of a smoothly running kitchen by contacting us at (970) 508-4815. Trust us to provide exceptional service and restore your kitchen’s functionality!

When You Choose Lion Home Service For Drain Services...

It does not matter whether you need help fixing a clogged drain or perform a sewer camera inspection. Our staff can complete any job the right way. You can always reach out to us for any projects involving the drains in your home. To ensure that your property is always protected, we also offer leak detection, sewer repair, and hydro-jetting services.

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