Radon Testing

Reducing Radon in a Home

Radon is a naturally occurring substance in many areas. It can be harmful if present in high concentrations, but many people in the United States don’t have anything to worry about as long as they become aware of the presence of radon. Industry advancements have allowed us to easily lower the concentrations in homes to a safe level.

What Exactly Is Radon?

Radon is a chemical element that’s naturally found as a gas. It can be released from the ground, and it’s odorless and without color. It’s relatively dense, so it has a tendency to accumulate in low areas of buildings. In residential homes, this means that some basements and crawl spaces may have high concentrations of radon.

You won’t know if radon is present in your house unless you have it inspected. During the home buying and selling process, inspections usually include radon testing. For those people who have been in their homes for decades, it might be a good idea to have a test conducted. Lion Home Service is available to assist anyone in the Fort Collins region with this test. We can see what your levels are, let you know what your options may be, and follow up if necessary.

How Can You Get Rid of Radon?

The primary way to reduce radon concentrations is to improve ventilation. The primary way in which Lion Home Service assists our customers in Fort Collins is through a vent pipe system. This system pulls radon from beneath the house and sends it outside with the help of a fan. This method is also called soil suction and sub-slab depressurization. The pipe is typically put in the corner of the lowest area of a house. This type of mitigation has been proven to lower radon levels to an acceptable rating.

At Lion Home Service, we want our customers to be safe, healthy, and comfortable. We’re here to help with anything related to heating, cooling, radon mitigation, and electrical systems. Give us a call today if you have any questions or want to set up an appointment.

Radon Testing

3 Real Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

Many people tend to neglect all the many ways they are losing money on utility bills. While there are lots of tricks to improve your energy efficiency, some methods are only minimally effective. Here are the three top ways you can begin to really improve the energy efficiency of your home.

1. Reduce Your Water Heater Temperature

Many people have their water heater set far hotter than it needs to be. Reducing the temperature by a few degrees will save you a great deal of money throughout the year and result in lower energy usage overall. All it takes is a simple adjustment of the heater settings.

2. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can save you a lot of money. If you don’t pay attention to your system, you can end up having your heater or AC working a lot harder much more often than necessary.

You also have to ask yourself, what is a comfortable level? Can you stretch a few degrees lower in winter and use an extra blanket? Can you stretch a little higher in summer and use fans instead? Can you use that programmable thermostat to set a more conservative temperature during off-peak hours? All of these will help you save money and raise your energy efficiency. Even a difference of just a few degrees can noticeably lower your monthly utility bill.

3. Insulate Your Home

Better insulation in your attic, for example, makes it harder for perfectly conditioned air to escape your house. Seal up cracks and add insulation where possible so that it will keep out the cold or hot weather. This will make things much easier on your HVAC unit.

All of these tips require a good HVAC unit that is properly maintained. This is where Lion Home Service can help. We operate throughout Fort Collins and the surrounding areas with a full range of services that cover heating, cooling, electrical, radon testing, and more. Call our office today for detailed information.

Radon Testing

The Importance of Radon Testing

Lion Home Service Radon ServicesColorado is a beautiful place to make your home — but even as you’re enjoying those gorgeous views, an invisible substance could easily create ugly scenarios for your family. A naturally occurring gas called radon causes some 500 deaths in Colorado every year, and your Fort Collins house might well be sitting on dangerous amounts of it. Let’s take a look at why radon represents such a threat, how testing can detect it, and how our mitigation techniques at Lion Home Service can help you get control over it.

What Is Radon, and Why Do We Test for It?

Radon is a radioactive gas created as a natural by-product of uranium. Over time, constant exposure to radon can lead to lung cancer; in fact, radon exposure the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. Since radon cannot be seen or smelled, you can’t know whether your home has a radon problem without testing for the substance. That’s why it’s so critical to schedule radon testing so you can either assure yourself that your family is safe or find out whether you need to take immediate steps to reduce your radon exposure.

Advanced Radon Testing and Mitigation From Lion Home Service

While you can buy DIY radon testing devices, you have to send them away to a lab and then wait for results — and it’s all too easy to install the devices incorrectly, leading to false results. Leave this task to the professionals at Lion Home Service. We will most likely start with short-term tests (over a period of 2 to 7 days) and then check those results to see if longer-term testing is appropriate. If your home contains harmful amounts of radon, we will recommend mitigation.

What is Mitigation?

Radon mitigation is simpler and less invasive than you might think. Instead of tearing up your house, we can simply install a pipe underneath the concrete slab. This pipe catches radon and vents it safely away from your home and into the atmosphere, where it dissipates to harmless levels.

Contact Our Fort Collins Heating and Air Experts

Lion Home Service can do a lot more than just get your radon levels under control. We also provide ongoing routine radon checks to keep your family safe — while also providing the heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical services for which we’re famous. So don’t take risks with radon. Contact our Fort Collins heating and air experts today to schedule testing!