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Brighten Your Home with Creative Lighting Options

Having tasteful lighting in your home is an absolute must if you want a warm, comfortable space. Finding the right lighting fixtures and where to put them is a breeze with professional help. Here are different lighting options you can use and combine to create a brag-worthy environment.


Spotlights are an easy way to light up a specific area or feature within the home. Many homeowners use spotlights to help light up their kitchen counters or to highlight a painting.

Floor Lamps

In addition to providing light, floor lamps can add to the design of a room or add a point of interest to an empty corner.


Wall sconces are a great source of lighting for both inside and outside your home. With so many different styles, you are sure to fine one you like!

Ceiling Fans

Buying a ceiling fan with a light is another way to illuminate a room. Just make sure to use LED bulbs as they last longer and help save both energy and money.

Recessed Lighting

Thoughtfully placed recessed lighting can add subtle light to a room. This type of lighting can make a room feel bigger as it doesn’t take up any floor space while highlighting key features.

Statement Lighting

On the opposite end of the spectrum from recessed lighting is statement lighting. This is exactly how it sounds: big, bold lighting pieces that grab your attention when you walk into a room.


Lion Home Service can install any lights you need! Visit our website or call at 970-829-8222 to set up an appointment today.

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5 Surprising Facts About Furnaces

Did you know that the word “furnace” is derived from the old Greek word “Fornax,” meaning oven? In the United States and Canada, a “furnace” is that particular HVAC component that heats your property. Yet, in the UK, a “furnace” is actually what they call the device for melting ore, while they call HVAC furnaces “heaters.”

In today’s post, we’ll be exploring some interesting facts about furnaces that you may not have known. Will these facts impress your friends? Probably not… but do they reveal some insights about the history of heating, how your furnace works, and tips for taking care of it better so it lasts longer? Absolutely.

Before we get to the list though, we’d like to thank you for considering Lion Home Service for all your Northern Colorado HVAC needs. We understand that there are lots of great HVAC companies around the region, and are grateful to have the opportunity to show you what 20 years and counting in the business can mean in terms of quality of service, professionalism, and care. If you have a furnace that needs repairs or it’s time for an HVAC system tune-up, our A+ rated (by the BBB) HVAC company is here for our local communities’ HVAC needs, 24/7. Contact us today to schedule a regular service call or to get emergency repairs!

5 Fun Facts About Furnaces (say that 10 times fast…)

As the temperature stays cold most days now that it’s winter here in Colorado, we spend more and more time inside. You probably don’t think about your furnace that often, unless it’s broken — in which case it’s a central problem, as you’re probably rather cold. Here are some things you might not have known about furnaces:

#1: Furnaces Last Longer Than You Think

One reason people don’t think much about their furnaces that much is that they tend to last a long time — up to or more than 40 years, actually, if they are taken care of. However, the average lifespan of a furnace is more like 15-25 years, depending on how well it is maintained and installed.

#2: There Are Only Three Active Components in Your Furnace

The furnace is comprised of only three actual “heating” components:

  1. The burner, which produces the heat
  2. The heat exchanger, which separates the combustion process from your breathing air
  3. The blower, which circulates breathable air around your air ducts

#3: Your Furnace Manufacturer Probably Doesn’t Cover Product Failure

To save you from the shock of finding this out later, if you read the fine print of your furnace policy, you are likely to learn that the policy only covers inexpensive components, and not more expensive ones such as the heat exchanger.

#4: Furnaces Have Been Around for a Very Long Time

While the first modern central heating system was invented only in 1919, some form of heating system has been used since at least the times of the Ancient Romans, who used what they called a “hypocaust,” which pumped heated air through walls and floors.

#5: Furnace Installation Counts Just as Much as Furnace Quality

No matter the quality of the parts you get, having a trained professional install your furnace perfectly is just as important, in terms of ensuring that it lasts a long time and requires minimal maintenance.

Call the Experts at Lion Home Service Today For All Your Furnace Needs

If you are in Northern Colorado and need furnace repair, maintenance, or installation services, trust Lion Home Service to get the job done right. We serve many locations in Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Greeley, and Windsor. Our customers’ complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. All of our repairs are guaranteed for as long as you live in your home, and we never consider a job “finished” until you are completely satisfied. Our service experts also wear foot coverings and lay out drop cloths when working inside your home to prevent any damages. Have a question or want to schedule HVAC service? Contact us now!

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Furnace Repair & Other Service Calls During COVID-19

Wondering about the safety of booking an HVAC service call during COVID-19 or if it is safe to have a furnace repairman in your home during the pandemic? Our team here at Lion Home Service gets these questions and related ones all the time. We have responded to these concerns by focusing on putting our customers’ safety first, while still providing 24/7 emergency services and more. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented a number of things to help reduce the spread of the virus.

  • Staff follows high standards of cleanliness, such as very regular hand washing, surface sanitation, and self-quarantine if they travel anywhere that has been exposed.
  • Strict travel policy for employees (no large gatherings, limited meetings, etc.)
  • Social distancing practices
  • And more

Learn more about our COVID-19 procedures…

Your furnace doesn’t stop needing to be repaired just because of the virus. In fact, staying warm and safe inside is more crucial than ever this winter, for your health and for your comfort in the face of these stressful times. If you are in Northern Colorado and want to get furnace repairs conducted by the best HVAC company in the region, contact Lion Home Services today to schedule a COVID-safe HVAC service call. We also offer discounts for veterans, seniors, and disabled.

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How We Keep You Safe During A Service Call

Lion Home Services follows a number of other safety measures, to help keep you, your family, and our employees safe.

  • Daily check-ins — If any of our staff come into contact with someone who has become sick or shown symptoms, we direct them to stay home.
  • Client confirmations — Communication is key for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Before your service call, we call you in advance to make sure no one in the house is sick or is experiencing symptoms. If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who has the virus, we will make arrangements for a later service.
  • Face coverings — our service experts wear masks during all service calls to help decrease chances of the virus spreading.
  • Physical distancing — during an HVAC service call, our team aims to remain physically distant from you, as an extra precaution.

What to Expect During Your Furnace Repair

Beyond the aforementioned safety measures, you can expect the furnace repair to go more or less the same way that it normally would. A typical furnace tune-up takes about an hour, while furnace repairs are going to vary in time, depending on what is the problem. We only use quality, long-lasting parts, our service experts are all highly experienced, and we can repair any and all parts of your furnace. So don’t worry if it seems too complicated; we can handle it!

Lion Home Service has been doing our utmost to keep the residents of Fort Collins, Longmont, and other cities and towns in Northern Colorado comfortable in their living and working spaces for more than 20 years. Contact us today if you want to learn more about the ways that we can improve the condition of your furnace this winter!

If you have any questions, concerns, or special requirements for your HVAC appointment, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.

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Gutter Cleaning When The Leaves Fall: Why It Matters

With the Autumnal Equinox just around the corner, the fall season is nearly upon us. After a long and hot summer, we’re sure that most of us here in Northern Colorado are ready for cooler, more comfortable temperatures, beautiful tree colors, and of course, pumpkin-spiced everything.

Now, you’ve probably heard that you need to make sure that your home’s gutters are clear of leaves and other debris as we eventually move closer to winter’s snowfall. The fall of the leaves can be quite beautiful, but equally as troublesome for your home’s gutter system should you choose to ignore it.

Lion Home Service is Northern Colorado’s premier home maintenance service. From electrical to HVAC, septic sewer cleaning, attic insulation, roofing, and more, we’re proud to help homeowners get the most out of their residency by keeping it in tip-top shape. Below, we’ll touch on the importance of maintaining your gutters, so keep on reading to learn more.

Why Your Gutters Need To Be Clear Of Leaves And Other Debris

Your Roof’s Fascia Needs A Break

When your gutters are filled with leaves, small rocks, animal droppings, or any other type of debris, they’ll weigh down the gutters and the supporting fascia of your roof (between the shingles and gutters). Rain will make the leaves and debris heavier, only adding more weight to the fascia and gutter system.

If left unattended all season, these supporting elements of your roof could collapse, resulting in significant damage and leaving your home with no way to drain rainwater away from it.

You’ll Want To Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Your home was built upon a solid concrete foundation — one of the first elements of construction that was laid out for a structurally sound, weatherproof home. Naturally, you’ll want to protect this essential aspect of your home at all costs, among other parts of your home.

An easy and effective way to do this is to keep your gutters clear of any and all debris (or as much as possible) so that when it rains, your gutters can effectively divert water away from your home and its core foundation. Foundation fixes and replacements often average over $10,000, so take the time to keep those gutters clean and clear!

Your Gutters Need To Direct Rainwater Down And Away From Your Home

Obviously and most generally speaking, your gutters surround your roof and make their way down the side of your home into a drainage area for one main reason: to effectively divert rainwater away from your home’s physical structure!

We touched on how gutter drainage will keep pooled-up water and debris from weighing down and causing stress on your roof’s fascia as well as keeping water from seeping into the siding and foundation. But in general, making sure that excess water is effectively diverted away from your home is a good idea. Don’t you want a worry-free living situation when it storms?

Contact Northern Colorado’s Most Trusted Roofing Company Today!

Among other ways, Lion Home Service is here to make sure that your home looks and performs at optimal levels. If you need assistance with your gutters, heating, cooling, or anything else, please get in touch with the Lion team.