What Causes Heating Repairs?

You never made the mistake of tampering with your furnace, yet something went wrong. Confusion about furnace troubles makes paying for repair bills annoying. Once you understand some basics about furnace repairs, you will realize why fix-it jobs become unavoidable. Furnaces eventually experience a problem that only a skilled service expert can fix. Here are three reasons to consider:

1. Something Unexpected Happened

Although you take great steps to care for your furnace, things don’t always work the way they should. The pilot light, for some unexpected reason, keeps going out. That’s a collective problem heating systems experience even when you stay on top of maintenance: normal wear and tear cause problems for furnaces over time. Imagine what constantly pushing the pilot light on does. Fort Collins residents can access help from the heating and cooling experts at Lion Home Service. Heating, cooling, water heater and electrical work is available.

2. The System Ages

The average lifespan on a home gas furnace is about 20 years. Age catches up with the furnace, and repairs become unavoidable as parts require upgrades and replacements. Taking good care of the furnace and making sure all work gets done on time could lengthen life expectancy. You don’t need to ignore problems such as the furnace shutting on and off or making loud noises when Lion Home Service in Fort Collins can discover and fix the problem in a timely manner. Things could get worse as time marches forward, and fixing the problems might not be possible.

3. No Cleaning Work Done

Always clean the system. Allowing soot to build up in the system means you now have impurities collecting. Not changing the filter means dirt and dust amass so much that clogs occur. Airflow becomes restricted, which can cause tons of problems in the heater’s internal mechanisms. Routine annual cleaning may cut down on the chances that some issues will occur. Consider cleaning the system more than once per year, and always change filters as necessary.

Don’t keep worrying about heater repairs when Lion Home Service pros can perform installs and maintenance. Call the company’s front desk to schedule a house call appointment.


The Basics of Having a Boiler in Your Home

A boiler is different from a forced-air furnace in that it uses steam or hot water to heat a house. OurheatingOur and air conditioning company, Lion Home Service, is an expert source for maintaining and repairing boilers in the Fort Collins area. Read more to learn how boilers work and how to know if you have one in your home.

How Boilers Work

A steam boiler basically heats water to the boiling point. The resulting steam is then circulated around the house, and the steam’s heat is released through radiators. In a boiler that uses water, hot water is circulated around the house. Water is then returned to be reheated and sent out again. Both hot water and steam heating systems can use the same type of boilers and can be powered by gas or oil. However, there are differences:

  • Hot water boilers have an expansion tank full of air to keep the water from boiling
  • Steam boilers lack expansion tank but have a gauge glass that lets homeowners and heating specialists know water levels
  • Hot water boiler has combination gauge that shows the pressure, the minimum pressure, and the water temperature
  • Forced water system has a circulator, which is a pump that moves the water

How to Know If You Have a Boiler

A boiler looks very much like a hot water tank. It is attached to pipes, drains, shut-off and relief valves, try cocks and drain cocks. If you have such a unit in your home, it may be a boiler. Of course, you can also reach out to a heating system expert who can inspect your system.

Call Our Company in Fort Collins for Answers About Your Boiler

If you have questions about your boiler or need one repaired or installed, don’t hesitate to call Lion Home Service.


Importance of Duct Sealing During the Winter

If you’re like most Fort Collins homeowners, your family enjoys the summer sunshine. When chilly weather rolls around, however, you just want to stay cozy and warm indoors. Staying warm isn’t just about turning up the heat, though – it’s also about stopping heat loss and keeping your family safe. Here’s how duct sealing in the winter months offers benefits such as keeping your family comfortable while saving energy.

Increase Your Family’s Comfort

When your new ductwork system is first installed, it works seamlessly, moving warm air from your furnace or heat pump to every room in your home. However, after a few years of wear and tear, many duct systems develop holes, leaks, and cracks, allowing air to escape the ducts without reaching its destination. That means that warm air isn’t going to be getting where you wanted it to go, and you’ll be tempted to turn the thermostat up.

Lower Your Utility Costs

When your ductwork is constantly leaking air, you could end up throwing away as much as 20 percent of the energy produced by your system. That is money down the drain, In addition to decreasing your energy consumption, sealing your ductwork also helps to lower your energy bill. Duct sealing won’t just reduce heating costs in the Northern Colorado winters, you’ll see much lower cooling costs in the summer as well.

Lengthen Your HVAC System’s Life

With professional duct sealing, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep your indoor temperature levels where you want them while keeping your family comfortable. Not only will it last longer, but it will also run more efficiently and require fewer repairs.

Your Family’s Safety

A leaky duct system can vent harmful gases such as carbon monoxide through your living space, and provide a space for mold, mildew and other allergens to accumulate. Through duct system sealing and regular HVAC system maintenance, you can help keep your household free from dangerous airborne contaminants and combustion gases.

Call For a Duct Inspection Today

While you probably won’t be able to easily see these issues, our experienced team at Lion Home Service can spot potential problems and leaks during a duct inspection. Have you scheduled a duct sealing appointment for your home yet? Contact the duct experts at Lion Home Service today.


Tips to Combat a Cold, Colorado Winter

Colorado winters are infamous for brutal temps, blustery winds and tons of snow, but that doesn’t mean you and your family have to be miserable from October through April. With a little careful planning and some preventative maintenance, your heating system can be up and running like new before the first flake falls. Lion Home Service, in Fort Collins, has you covered.

Schedule an Annual Furnace Inspection

It’s much cheaper to maintain your furnace or boiler than it is to repair it. This means scheduling regular service inspections to spot issues before they become problems. At least once annually, you should have the following checks performed:

  • Check vents for leaks, blockages or mold formation
  • Remove dirt and debris from the blower
  • Check the burner and flame for proper ignition and operation
  • Calibrate the thermostat

Weather-Proof Doors and Windows

Long before the first snow falls, check your windows and doors for leaky seals, and add spray foam or weatherstripping where needed. Leaky doors and windows can cost big money in energy costs when it comes time to fire up your furnace. According to Energy Star, simply sealing up window and door frames can shave up to 15 percent off your utility bills this winter.

Make Sure Your Insulation Is Up to the Task
Brutal environments call for tough insulation, and if your R-Value, or heat-resistance, isn’t high enough, you’ll lose valuable indoor heat to the great outdoors. For Colorado homes, recommended R-values are as follows:

  • Exterior Wall: 18
  • Attic Space: 49
  • Basement: 11
  • Floors: 25

Boiler Installation in Fort Collins, CO

Using these basic recommendations, it’s easy to ensure your home is ready for everything a Colorado winter can dish up. When you’re ready to winterize your home for winter, contact Lion Home Service. From simple duct cleaning to installing new insulation, we’re your one-stop shop for comfort in Fort Collins, Colorado.


How to Save Money on Energy Bills This Winter

If you’re like most modern consumers, you’ve noticed a distinct rise in energy costs during the past several years, and you probably want to find ways to keep them as low as possible this winter. Fortunately, strategies exist that allow homeowners in Fort Collins to cut household energy costs significantly.

Turn Your Thermostat Down at Night and When You’re at Work

Turning your thermostat down 10 degrees at night and when you’re out of the house during the workday can result in savings of 15 to 20 percent on your heating bill. Busy people sometimes struggle with remembering to turn the heat up or down on a regular schedule, so consider having a programmable thermostat installed that will perform this chore for you.

Have Your Furnace Maintained at the Start of Winter

A furnace that’s been properly maintained is going to be far more efficient than its counterpart that’s been neglected — and greater efficiency translates to savings. Scheduling a maintenance visit from a skilled HVAC professional ensures that your furnace is ready to go when temperatures plunge. Keep in mind that most furnace malfunctions occur during the first serious cold snap of the season, usually as a result of systems becoming overloaded because they haven’t been properly serviced.

Seal Off Vents in Rooms You Don’t Use

There’s no sense in heating parts of your home that aren’t in regular use during the winter, so close the vents in guest or storage rooms as soon as seasonal temperatures begin to fall. This directs the energy to the rooms you’re actually spending time in, and you can always open the heating vent for those times when you’ve got guests.

Don’t Leave Exhaust Fans Running

Exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms are essential for pulling unwanted humidity out of the air, but leaving them running longer than necessary also drains valuable heat from the air.

Use LED Lights for Your Holiday Decorating

Holiday lights are a huge energy drain for the average household, but you can cut utility costs substantially by using LED lights instead of traditional options. They also burn about 75 percent less hot, making them far less of a fire hazard.

Furnace Installation in Northern Colorado

Please feel free to contact us at Lion Home Services at your convenience for more information on keeping energy costs in Fort Collins low. We offer furnace repair, installation, and maintenance services!