What Causes Heating Repairs?

You never made the mistake of tampering with your furnace, yet something went wrong. Confusion about furnace troubles makes paying for repair bills annoying. Once you understand some basics about furnace repairs, you will realize why fix-it jobs become unavoidable. Furnaces eventually experience a problem that only a skilled service expert can fix. Here are three reasons to consider:

1. Something Unexpected Happened

Although you take great steps to care for your furnace, things don’t always work the way they should. The pilot light, for some unexpected reason, keeps going out. That’s a collective problem heating systems experience even when you stay on top of maintenance: normal wear and tear cause problems for furnaces over time. Imagine what constantly pushing the pilot light on does. Fort Collins residents can access help from the heating and cooling experts at Lion Home Service. Heating, cooling, water heater and electrical work is available.

2. The System Ages

The average lifespan on a home gas furnace is about 20 years. Age catches up with the furnace, and repairs become unavoidable as parts require upgrades and replacements. Taking good care of the furnace and making sure all work gets done on time could lengthen life expectancy. You don’t need to ignore problems such as the furnace shutting on and off or making loud noises when Lion Home Service in Fort Collins can discover and fix the problem in a timely manner. Things could get worse as time marches forward, and fixing the problems might not be possible.

3. No Cleaning Work Done

Always clean the system. Allowing soot to build up in the system means you now have impurities collecting. Not changing the filter means dirt and dust amass so much that clogs occur. Airflow becomes restricted, which can cause tons of problems in the heater’s internal mechanisms. Routine annual cleaning may cut down on the chances that some issues will occur. Consider cleaning the system more than once per year, and always change filters as necessary.

Don’t keep worrying about heater repairs when Lion Home Service pros can perform installs and maintenance. Call the company’s front desk to schedule a house call appointment.

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