How Laundry Can Affect Your Septic

Have you ever thought about how your laundry may affect your septic system? Unfortunately, the answer is probably no. You may not have even known that septic and laundry had any relation at all. In this blog, we’ll explore how your laundry can affect your septic and what to do to prevent any issues.

The most common issues that arise between your washing machine and your septic tank are clogging and overflowing. The first issue is blocking, which can be caused due to the detergent you’re using or an excessive amount of dirt/lint in your laundry. The second issue is an overflow of your septic tank. Your laundry uses a lot of water, so doing several loads of laundry at a time can overwhelm your septic tank and cause it to overflow. Let’s take a closer look at how your washing machine may cause problems for your septic tank and how to avoid them.

Common Problems To Avoid

  1. Using powdered laundry detergent. The most significant issue here is that powdered laundry detergent is often not degradable, which means it will not dissolve after use. This is because companies often use fillers in powdered detergent. This can cause clogs in your septic system, especially if you overuse the detergent. Check for a detergent that is 100% biodegradable to be sure your septic can break it down once it’s done its job in the washing machine.
  2. Too many loads of laundry in a day. The reality is that your septic is only meant to intake so much water in a day. This includes using the bathroom, the bath/shower, and the sink. Adding multiple loads of laundry to that list can overwhelm your septic tank, causing overflowing. It’s best to do a single load of laundry each day if you can spread it out.
  3. Don’t overuse detergent or bleach. Too many chemicals entering your septic system can disturb the natural balance of your septic tank. Instead, be sure you’re using a normal amount of cleaning products in each load of laundry.
  4. Avoid washing clothes that are TOO dirty. A washing machine is for washing clothes. We get that. But, washing clothes covered in dirt or excessively dirty can cause problems. These clothes can clog your system due to the dirt released after cleaning. Brush off super-soiled clothing before putting it into the washing machine.

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We hope these quick tips are helpful for you as you navigate taking the best care of your septic system. Laundry is necessary, so it’s essential to understand how to do it safely for your septic system. Should you experience any issues relating to your septic system, please don’t hesitate to give Lion Home Septic a call. Our experts are available to help you with any of your septic concerns. Just call (970) 829-8222 or fill out our online form.

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