Is Your Septic System Struggling Right Now?

It’s winter here in NoCo and that means lots of snow and freezing temperatures. While some of us may be enjoying the snow, your septic system probably is not. Much like other plumbing in your home your septic system is not necessarily built for the cold. Perhaps you’ve been noticing some issues with your septic system as of late? Let’s take a look at what may be causing them and how you can stay ahead. 

As a septic owner, you may or may not know that there are millions of good bacteria in your septic tank. These bacteria help break down all of the waste in your septic tank and keep your system functioning properly. These bacteria don’t love the cold and are very sensitive to outside temperatures. This means that cold winter temperatures can potentially disrupt the effectiveness of the bacteria. The bacteria will continue to work until about temperatures of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. After temperatures drop lower they begin to slow down or stop functioning completely. When the bacteria stops functioning, the sludge in your septic tank will build up. Sludge is all of the solid waste that is discarded in your septic tank. If this sludge builds for too long it can cause an overflow in your septic system creating a mess in your home. 

Another issue that you may experience with cold temperatures and your septic system is water freezing in the drain field. If the pipes in the drain field are not well insulated by grass or mulch, water may freeze before it’s released into the soil. If water freezes it can cause backups and clogs in your septic system. 

How to help your system

Here are some suggestions on how to help your septic system during the winter. 

  • Be mindful of what you’re putting in the septic tank. Eating more organically and avoiding harsh chemicals can help the bacteria in your septic tank. Less harsh waste is more easily broken down and requires less work from the bacteria. 
  • You should also consider getting your septic tank pumped before large snowstorms in the case that you might experience a power outage or other issues. Getting your septic tank pumped proactively can help you avoid any backup or overflow. 
  • Letting your grass grow out or putting down mulch/leaves can help protect your drainfield from the freezing temperatures. 

Should you have any questions or need any assistance with your septic system this winter give Lion Home Septic a call. Our talented and knowledgeable experts will be able to help you keep your system running smoothly. To schedule an appointment or for 24/7 emergency assistance call (970) 829-8222!

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