Pools and Your Septic System: What to Know

We’re getting into the warm summer weather, so that you may be thinking about a pool for your home. Pools can be fun for you and your family, especially when the temperatures get up there. But much like hot tubs, adding a pool can affect your entire home, including your septic system. We don’t just mean in-ground pools either, above ground pools can also affect your septic system. So, as septic experts, we want to share how adding a pool to your home may affect your septic system.

You’ll Likely Need Permits.

One of the first things to know about installing a pool with a septic system is that you will likely need permits. There are often regulations stipulating how close pools and your septic system can be. Typically an above-ground pool is less minimum distance than an in-ground pool. However, both typically require several feet of distance. This is important because it may affect whether you can even get a pool. It’s possible that you may not have enough space in your yard to have both systems running safely. Contacting professionals for both systems will ensure that the work is done correctly and up to regulation standards.

Swimming Pool With Waterfall

Another critical thing to note is that often your septic is much larger than you imagined since most of it is underground. As a result, you may find that there are more pipes to move when trying to install a pool. Essentially you should seek the help of a septic expert who could help ensure that any crucial pieces of the system are not being damaged in the process. This may mean drawing and redrawing pool plans several times or even moving the placing of septic pipes.

Make Sure Pool Chemicals Are Septic Safe

Another thing to consider is the draining of water from the pool and the chemicals you put in the pool. You don’t want to drain the water from your pool anywhere near your septic system because it can overwhelm it. Your septic system isn’t equipped to handle such a large influx of water. The other part of this is that the chemicals you put in your pool are likely harmful to your septic system. Specifically, chlorine can disrupt the natural balance in your septic system.

The key takeaway is that installing a pool with a septic system is lengthy. It requires a lot of work and time to ensure that everything is taken care of professionally. You don’t want to run into any costly problems along the way, and this is a possibility. Therefore, you’ll want to surround yourself with vetted professionals who can ensure the work is done safely and correctly. Lion Septic is happy to be a resource through this process. To learn more about how we can help or ask questions, call (970) 829-8222.

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