5 Common AC Issues

AC Issues When you count on your AC to keep your Fort Collins home cool during summer, having something go wrong with it can be frustrating. Although there are many different kinds of issues that air conditioning systems can have, some occur more often. Learn more about five common AC issues that your system might end up having.

1. AC Has Frequent Cycles

If your air conditioner turns on and off a lot throughout the day, this is known as frequent cycling. Although air conditioners are designed to run as often as they need to in order to keep homes cool, they shouldn’t have short and frequent cycles. When this happens, it can mean that your air conditioning system is too big for your home. If you have the right size air conditioner, frequent cycling could be due to bad wiring or problems with other components.

2. Air Conditioner Won’t Come On

Air conditioners that won’t come on at all might have a problem with the power source. This could mean faulty wiring or loose wires that need to be repaired or replaced. When your air conditioner won’t come on, you might also have a problem with the thermostat.

3. AC Blows Warm Air

When your air conditioner only blows warm air, this can be due to different causes. AC units can blow warm air when they’re frozen or when the compressor is broken. Other possible causes of warm air from an AC system include a refrigerant leak or a blown breaker.

4. Loud Noises

Air conditioners usually make some noise when they’re running, but they shouldn’t be making any unusual noises, such as rattling or grinding. If your AC system is making loud noises, there could be a problem with debris in the fans, ducts or exterior vents. Problems with the motor or other components can also cause unusual sounds.

5. Air Conditioning Leaks

Air conditioners can end up with leaks when there is a frozen evaporator coil that prevents condensation from evaporating. This water typically drips into a condensation pan and does not cause any problems. However, if you have a frozen AC unit or if the condensation pan is damaged, leaks can occur. Keep in mind that a frozen AC unit can cause damage to the compressor if the system continues to run.

AC Technicians in Fort Collins

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