Septic Tank Additives & Maintenance: What you Need to Know

With the end of the year quickly approaching, you want to ensure that your septic tank has received the maintenance it needs. To guarantee another full year of flawless operation, you may also want to consider a septic treatment on top of your regularly scheduled maintenance. Thankfully, Lion Home Septic is here to help you perform the proper maintenance procedures that your system requires to stay in top shape. Here’s why septic maintenance and treatment are helpful to the health of your system.

How to Help Your Septic System

Did you know your septic system can create its own natural bacteria? This bacteria even helps the tank function more efficiently! Aside from your regular maintenance, inspections, and pump outs, your septic system is usually okay on its own. Of course, you can do a few things to extend its lifetime and prevent any messy malfunctions or costly repairs.

  • Use less water: constantly flushing water through your septic system will cause it to work a lot harder.
  • Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals: These can disrupt that natural balance in your tank and cause issues.
  • Keep solids out of your system: Solids are hard to break down and can even cause clogs in your system if they are not degradable.
  • Plan out appliance usage: Limit the use of the garbage disposal, space out dishwasher usage, and washing machine.

Septic Tank Maintenance

A great way to avoid feeling like you need to use septic additives is to get proper maintenance done on your system. Preventative and regular maintenance is the KEY to having a long-lasting healthy septic system. Routine maintenance includes getting pump-outs around times where the system is likely to get more use (i.e., the holidays). Maintenance may also include receiving an inspection every 2-3 years or as directed by your trusted septic service expert. We also recommend that you call anytime you have any concerns about your system. If you suspect there could be an issue, trust your gut and call an expert! Waiting it out may only result in more costly repairs.

Septic tank and leach field diagram

Chemical vs. Biological Additives for Your Septic

There are all sorts of additives on the market advertised as necessary for your septic system. However, that’s not quite the case.

Chemical Additives, like the strong acids in drain cleaners, are NOT your best choice when it comes to maintaining your septic tank. These additives generally kill the helpful bacteria that need to exist within your septic system. Without that bacteria, your septic system won’t be able to break down and process everything that comes through it, which can lead to a backup and costly repairs.

Organic Additives, however, add natural and active enzymes that help clear fats, grease, and oils from your plumbing and septic. The product is 100% natural and works harmoniously with the bacteria in your septic system to create optimal efficiency.


BioOne is great for septic tanks

We hope that this quick rundown of your septic will help you better understand how important it is to be mindful of what you’re adding to your system. If you’re looking to schedule septic maintenance or would like to know more about BioOne, then call us at (970) 829-8222 to speak with one of our expert service experts. We’re always waiting to help you with your septic tank and are happy to help!