Above Ground Septic Tanks: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve been wondering about above-ground septic tanks, there’s one REALLY important fact you should know! Above-ground septic tanks are actually illegal in the Northern Colorado area! Above ground septic tanks are often searched for when folks are looking for ways to dump waste in mobile home/RV areas. You may also consider an above-ground septic tank based on certain circumstances (i.e. areas where below-ground water storage is prohibited). So, let’s go over everything you need to know about above-ground septic tanks – what they are, why they’re illegal here in Northern Colorado and why below-ground septic tanks are a much safer plan for you and your home!

What is an above-ground septic tank?

Above-ground septic tanks, also known as holding tanks, are large containers meant to hold wastewater. These polyethylene tanks can typically store 250-350 gallons of water and are typically only appropriate for temporary usage. Above-ground septic tanks should not be a permanent consideration when looking to have a septic system installed and are quite rare here in the United States.

The cons of an above-ground septic tank

Here are a few reasons why above-ground septic tanks aren’t the right option for you.

  • Above-ground septic tanks need to be paired with a leach field otherwise they will need to be emptied frequently. This task can be rather unpleasant and will likely cost you a lot of money!
  • Above-ground tanks can become easily clogged and can result in a lot of (gross) problems that you don’t want to have to handle.
  • Above-ground tanks are exposed to the weather and can be easily ruined/worn. This constant wear and tear means that they’ll need to be replaced more frequently.
  • They are illegal in many places for sanitation and safety reasons.

Why below-ground septic tanks are better

Below-ground septic tanks are a much more common, traditional option in most places around the U.S. These wastewater tanks are often concrete and are meant to hold wastewater from your home for long periods of time before sending it off to your leach field. Below-ground septic tanks are much safer for you and your family.

Below-ground septic systems are much safer, sturdier and healthier for you and your family. If you are looking for septic options we highly recommend that you choose a below-ground septic tank. If you’re concerned about this choice please give our experts a call. We’ll be able to walk you through the choice and help figure out a solution that works for you. Lion Home Septic is dedicated to you as the customer and we’re happy to answer any of your septic questions. Just give us a call at (970) 632-2273!