Prepare your Septic and Plumbing Systems Before the Winter Weather

Time has flown and it’s already nearing the middle of the fall season! We know our customers are busy with all the best festivities that fall has to offer, but it’s important not to forget to keep up with your septic maintenance. Before the ground is too frozen to perform necessary septic services, get ahead of the weather and contact Lion Home Service to schedule a septic pumping.


Household septic tanks should be pumped every two to three years, though maintenance should be performed more regularly. There are a few factors that play into the 2 – 3 year pump schedules such as the number of people in your household, the amount of wastewater generated, septic tank size, and more.

If you’re near the time your septic should be pumped, think a few months into the winter season for a moment. Will you have many guests over the holidays? Your potential increase in water and septic usage should be something you consider if you’re on the fence about getting your septic pumped now or waiting until spring.

Why the reminder to get your septic pumped before winter sets in? Well, even before the snow arrives, the lowering temperatures can freeze the ground making the task of digging to access a septic system a difficult one. Not only that but the addition of ice and snow only add to the difficulty of a winter pump. However, emergencies occur and with Lion Home Service in your corner, you’ll know you’re taken care of! If you do experience a septic emergency, call us right away at (970) 551-6987.


Today is a great day to do a walk-through of your house to listen for and find any possible drips or leaks coming from any type of faucet. While you’re at it, go ahead and run water down the drains to see if the water is draining alright. If the drain is slow or clogged, you’ll want to take care of that now rather than later. While the weather is still above freezing, call Lion Home Service to maintain your plumbing so you’ll be ready to enjoy the season rather than worry about potential problems.

Keep in mind that if your area is expecting freezing weather, go ahead and turn on the taps enough for them to drip. We turn the faucets on just a bit so water does not remain stagnant in your pipes. Sitting water freezes faster than moving water. Moving just a little bit of water through your pipes to get through the cold nights will help prevent pipes from freezing. This is good to think about while you’re home but also if you are traveling away from home this holiday season.

While we mentioned keeping faucets dripping slightly during freezing weather, this does not include outside faucets. By dripping those, you’ll be creating icicles! Instead, what you want to do for outside faucets to prepare for winter is to insulate them. You can pick up foam covers from any local hardware store and place them over the outdoor faucets. If there’s currently a hose attached to the outdoor faucet, be sure to drain that so that it won’t be damaged this winter. You’ll want to store these away in a shed or garage.

There you have it! A few tips and steps to prepare your septic and your pipes for winter. Call (970) 551-6987 now to schedule your plumbing assessment. Our professional and trained service technicians are ready to help!

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