Prepare Your Plumbing for Holiday Traffic

The holidays are a time to gather with friends and family, cook and eat delicious foods, share in traditions, and make wonderful new memories to last a lifetime. Record scratch! Don’t neglect to consider your plumbing this fall and winter before hosting events! You don’t want to have everyone remember this year’s holiday season as the time your plumbing failed and ruined a gathering! Believe us. It happens at the worst of times. The night before gatherings, the morning of holiday parties, midway through gatherings, and of course even after the guests have left.

The plumbing you should consider doesn’t just consist of your toilets which will be frequently used by guests, but also the amount of water you’ll use to wash dishes and run the dishwasher, the increased water usage due to more showers and laundry, delicious food being cooked and liquids potentially going down the sink, as well as outside weather affecting pipes. We want to help you get ahead of any potential messy problems. Read on for ways to avoid overloading your plumbing, reminders about water usage, and awesome tips for this upcoming holiday season!


Addressing any issues before the big day can save time, money, and stress. Have you heard any strange sounds coming from your plumbing? Bangs, creaks, even gurgling of water? Be sure to schedule with Lion Home Service’s plumbing team now to have it looked into. There could be something more serious occurring with your plumbing that would be better to treat now rather than later.


Cover your bases and check all the drains in your home for slow-draining water, clogs, or other issues. If you encounter any of this, write it down on a list so you can get to each one before your host family at your home. Clear your shower drains to avoid slow drains – your guests will not notice if the water is draining in the shower like it’s supposed to, but they WILL notice a clog or slow drain as they stand in water up to their ankles while showering. Don’t forget to check on your kitchen sink, too. Remember, just because a garbage sink disposal can handle different types of food waste it doesn’t mean your pipes or septic can!

HOMEOWNERS TIP: Take a look at our blog covering how to clear clogged drains and when it’s time to call a professional.


I’m sure we’ve all experienced being at someone else’s home and flushing a toilet that ran a bit different from our own. Maybe you have to jiggle the handle, wait a certain amount of time before flushing a second time, or perhaps the toilet or pipes can’t handle as much toilet paper as yours can. Assuming most of your guests don’t live in your home, they are not aware of the habits you’ve formed to keep your plumbing in working order. Don’t be afraid to inform them! If you’re comfortable with discussing it openly, you could mention it to all guests during the gathering. If you’d rather be a bit more discreet, post a sign on the bathroom door! Don’t be shy… your guest may spend more time in the bathroom trying to figure out how to keep the toilet from overflowing or waiting for the toilet to stop running before leaving the bathroom when they could be spending that extra time with family in the living room! Relieve some possible anxiety from your guests by sharing any of those insider tips beforehand to keep your pipes and plumbing working smoothly and the party continuing without any issues!

Now… We know that budgets are sometimes tighter during the holiday season, but we highly encourage you to address any issues with your toilets. While giving your guests instructions is absolutely helpful, it shouldn’t have to stay that way forever. Give Lion Home Service a call at (970) 551-6987 to take a look at what is going on with your plumbing so that next year, you won’t need to post a sign!


Avoid the awkward conversation your guest will have to approach you with. Leave a plunger in the bathroom so situations can be handled without having to voice it to the host. Your guests will secretly thank you! Of course, if there is a specific way to plunge that works best for your toilet, mention it on the sign you post outside or inside of the bathroom.


As you brace for frigid temperatures, make sure to prepare your pipes! Go around the house and turn on faucets enough so it drips. If you have cabinets around pipes, open those so that the heating inside your home can reach a little further to your pipes. Both of these tips can help keep your pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes that crack or burst are problems we all want to prevent!

Will all of these helpful tips keep you from dealing with plumbing issues this winter? Well, perhaps not. Some things happen that are just out of your control. Don’t stress too much. Call us at (970) 551-6987 to schedule your plumbing assessment. Lion Home Service is here to help with plumbing maintenance as well as plumbing emergencies at any time. We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with friends, family, delicious food, and great memories to last a lifetime.


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