Electrical Code Compliance in Your Home

Code compliance can be a complicated subject. Here at Lion Home Services, we are always up to date on all of the newest electrical codes both in Colorado and nationally. We know it is easy to get into high-level terminology when reading legal code documents, so here are three of the most common electrical code violations we observe in the home.

Wrong Circuit Breaker

  • There are 3 types of circuit breakers
    • Standard
    • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
    • Arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI)
  • Each of these types of breakers should be used in specific instances (ex: GFCI’s should be used with sockets around water such as those in the bathroom versus AFCI’s are better utilized in higher fire hazard areas such as living rooms)
  • Using the wrong circuit breaker can not only lead to the breaker not using energy as efficiently as it should but it can also lead to increased shock or fire hazard.

Old Wiring with New Devices

  • With some of the historic homes we see in Colorado, it is not uncommon to see outdated wiring used to support new home technology
  • Often times, these old wires simply cannot support the temperature created from the energy demanded from new devices
  • Continued fatigue on these connection can easily generate excessive heat, resulting in a fire

Grounding Issues

  • As you may know, all electrical must be grounded
  • Historically, it had been grounded in water pipes underground
  • As plastic has become increasingly more popular for pipes, metal rebar in the foundation is usually the best modern option
  • Ensuring your electric is properly grounded is key to sustainable electrical safety


If you have questions or concerns about whether your home is up to electrical code, Lion Home Service has your back. Just Visit our Website to set up an inspection appointment with one of our experts today.