Preventative Maintenance

Tips to Combat a Cold, Colorado Winter

Colorado winters are infamous for brutal temps, blustery winds and tons of snow, but that doesn’t mean you and your family have to be miserable from October through April. With a little careful planning and some preventative maintenance, your heating system can be up and running like new before the first flake falls. Lion Home Service, in Fort Collins, has you covered.

Schedule an Annual Furnace Inspection

It’s much cheaper to maintain your furnace or boiler than it is to repair it. This means scheduling regular service inspections to spot issues before they become problems. At least once annually, you should have the following checks performed:

  • Check vents for leaks, blockages or mold formation
  • Remove dirt and debris from the blower
  • Check the burner and flame for proper ignition and operation
  • Calibrate the thermostat

Weather-Proof Doors and Windows

Long before the first snow falls, check your windows and doors for leaky seals, and add spray foam or weatherstripping where needed. Leaky doors and windows can cost big money in energy costs when it comes time to fire up your furnace. According to Energy Star, simply sealing up window and door frames can shave up to 15 percent off your utility bills this winter.

Make Sure Your Insulation Is Up to the Task
Brutal environments call for tough insulation, and if your R-Value, or heat-resistance, isn’t high enough, you’ll lose valuable indoor heat to the great outdoors. For Colorado homes, recommended R-values are as follows:

  • Exterior Wall: 18
  • Attic Space: 49
  • Basement: 11
  • Floors: 25

Boiler Installation in Fort Collins, CO

Using these basic recommendations, it’s easy to ensure your home is ready for everything a Colorado winter can dish up. When you’re ready to winterize your home for winter, contact Lion Home Service. From simple duct cleaning to installing new insulation, we’re your one-stop shop for comfort in Fort Collins, Colorado.