How To Program Your Thermostat For Summer

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Our air conditioning units can seem like godsends whenever the temperature reaches triple digits. Even on days when the sun is blazing outside, AC allows us to live in our private arctic circle if we so wish. While it keeps us safe from the sun’s heat, we all love our AC. However, when our home’s utility bill arrives, we are very much reminded that air conditioning is not a miracle. AC is a luxury and costly one at that.

While most of the time, our AC costs are manageable if not inexpensive, the summer heat can quickly change this. Thankfully, a programmable thermostat can help you keep your cooling costs low even on the hottest of days. All you need to do is follow these few simple steps when programming your thermostat.

Keep A Steady Temperature

Your AC works hardest when it has to change the overall temperature of your home. Suppose you constantly have to change the temperature of your home. In that case, your air conditioner will have to work much harder to meet your demands. We recommend that you find your ideal temperature and stick to it to avoid these constant temperature fluctuations. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a temperature of 78°F is both most pleasant and energy-efficient for your home. You may want to start at 78°F and slowly tweak your thermostat until you find the right temperature for you.

Program A Set Routine

There is no reason to keep your AC blasting all day. Instead, it is best to teach your thermostat to adjust itself to work hard when it needs to and rest when you’re not around. It is best to schedule your thermostat around the day’s events such as:

Before Waking Up

Rather than keep the air conditioning running through the night, have it turn on around ten minutes before you plan on waking up. This early start allows your home to reach a pleasant temperature before you start your day. The temperature change may even help to wake you gently!

Leaving Home

If you are away from home for work, you won’t need to run your air conditioning. However, you shouldn’t turn your thermostat off. Instead, set it to maintain a slightly elevated temperature that would typically be comfortable for you. At 85-90°F, your AC won’t work as hard to maintain the weather but will keep your home cooler than the air outside. By maintaining this temperature, your home will be much easier to cool later.


Sometime around half an hour before you expect to be home, set your thermometer to begin cooling your home back down to your desired temperature. By the time you arrive at your house, the temperature should be perfect. Because the place was allowed to cool slowly, it cost you less than a sudden and sharp drop in temperature.

Before Bed

When it comes time for bed, don’t leave your AC running. Set your thermostat to operate normally until the time you expect to be asleep. It should either stop working until morning or only work enough to keep the house from becoming unbearably hot. It shouldn’t be difficult for your home to stay cool during the night.

While this schedule will work for most people, you may have to adjust it to your specific needs.

An Empty Home Needs No AC

A simple but helpful piece of advice is to turn off your thermostat while you are away from home. No matter how efficient your thermostat programming may be, there is no point in cooling an empty house.

Keep Windows And Doors Shut

While your thermostat can’t control your doors or windows, an air conditioner can only work correctly if your doors and windows are closed. Homeowners who don’t follow this advice will be unable to cool their house no matter how hard they try as their cool air will rush out of their home.

A Programmed Thermostat Will Help You Save Money

A proper routine for your programmable thermostat is the best way to save money on your cooling costs. Knowing these tips will allow you to not only rein in your energy costs while still maintaining a cool home. If you find that following these tips still does not lower your utility bill, you may have a more severe problem. Not to worry, the AC repair experts at Lion Home Service are prepared to tackle your most difficult repair needs.
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