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Randall D.

We contacted Lions Home Service regarding the need for septic service. They scheduled an appointment for the next day and promptly arrive early in the morning. Liam was knowledgeable and friendly and it was refreshing to have such excellent customer ...

Christine M.

I'm leaving Blake was on time professional , polish and left the job site clean. I would hire him again and recommend him to all my friends

Paul R.

Handled everything for us in a VERY short time frame. Had a home closing we needed to get taken care of. They did the inspection and subsequent replacement of the septic system at our father estate quickly and in time ...

Angiella A.

Jake Elliot, Is definitely the person I will always request for all my plumbing and heating issues. I had the pleasure of having Jake look in some main sewer pipe issues on October 7, 2019. It took a while for me to ...

Pierce Septic Contractors

If you have a malfunctioning septic system, you need a reliable team of Pierce septic contractors to fix the problem. Fortunately, Lion Home Service can help with our professional septic services. As a highly-recommended plumbing company, we’re happy to assist with all your septic system needs and provide expert guidance. Maintaining your septic tank can be complex, so why not get the support you need from our knowledgeable team? Schedule a septic system repair, cleaning, or installation by calling us today at (970) 829-8222!

What Do Pierce Septic Systems Do?

If you live in a rural home, connecting your plumbing to the city’s sewer system may be challenging. That’s why these properties opt for Pierce septic systems. Septic systems help treat and dispose of household wastewater. They consist of a septic tank, a large container buried underground, and a drain field, a network of pipes buried in trenches in the soil.

The septic tank collects wastewater from your house and allows the solids to settle to the bottom, forming sludge, while the lighter materials, such as oil and grease, rise to the top to form scum. The liquid in the middle, called effluent, flows into the drain field. Drain or leach fields in Pierce disperse and filter the effluent. The soil acts as a natural filter, removing harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants from the effluent before entering groundwater or nearby surface water.

Periodic maintenance and septic tank pumping ensure your system operates effectively. A well-maintained septic system also prevents potential health hazards and environmental contamination. So don’t hesitate to call us at Lion Home Service if your tank needs repairs or a thorough septic cleaning in Pierce.

The Different Types Of Pierce Septic Tanks

There are various types of Pierce septic tanks, each with its features and advantages. However, the most common styles on the market are concrete, fiberglass, and plastic:

  • Concrete: Concrete is durable for 40 years or more when used in septic tank construction. They resist harsh weather and environmental conditions, making them a favorite for those who want a long-lasting and reliable septic tank. However, concrete tanks are heavy and require labor-intensive installation. As a result, smaller properties on tight budgets may consider other options.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass septic tanks are lightweight and easier to install. Despite weighing less, they are still durable and often resist corrosion better than concrete. However, contractors may have to anchor your tank into the ground to prevent floating during floods.
  • Plastic: Like fiberglass, plastic septic tanks are a flexible and affordable option. They are watertight and less prone to cracking but may be more vulnerable to the elements than fiberglass or concrete.

At Lion Home Service, we’ll work closely with you to find the best septic tank model. Every property is unique, so we’ll inspect the size, soil composition, and other factors that go into choosing the ideal septic tank. Schedule an estimate with our septic contractors or learn more by contacting us today.

Issues Requiring Pierce Septic System Repair

As a septic tank owner, you have probably noticed frequent issues when you don’t keep up with maintenance. Unfortunately, routine septic system cleaning and pumping is necessary and a part of your responsibility. At Lion Home Service, we are happy to take on that workload for you with our Pierce septic system repair services. You can count on us to fix and prevent the following septic problems:

  • Slow-draining plumbing appliances
  • Foul sewer odors
  • Sewer backup in the house or yard
  • Soggy leach fields in Pierce
  • A flooded tank
  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your drains

When To Set Up A Pierce Septic System Replacement

While routine maintenance and care can prolong the life of your septic tank, everyone needs to replace theirs eventually. The best time for a Pierce septic system replacement varies, but most need to replace their tank after 25 years. During an inspection, we can check for damage and signs that you need to replace your system. For example, constant repairs, frequent clogs, and severe drainage issues often indicate significant problems with your septic system. Of course, we’ll always do our best to repair your system and keep it running efficiently, but the above issues often require replacement.

Choosing The Best Type Of Pierce Septic System Installation

When it comes to your next Pierce septic system installation, consider choosing between the three types of septic tanks: concrete, fiberglass, and plastic. You may prefer a durable concrete tank, or a lightweight fiberglass tank may suit you better. In addition, plastic tanks are a budget-friendly option that requires minimal maintenance. Our septic contractors at Lion Home Service can help you choose the best type of septic tank based on your preferences and property specifications.

Pierce Septic Pumping Services

When waste and debris build up in your septic tank, a Pierce septic pumping is necessary to clean your system. During a service, our professionals will empty the contents of your tank to prevent clogs and sewer backups. A routine septic pumping in Pierce every 3-5 years will keep your system running smoothly.

The Pierce Septic Cleaning Process

A Pierce septic cleaning typically involves the following steps:

  1. First, pumping the tank: We will use a vacuum truck equipped with a large hose to suction out the contents. We can pump out both the sludge layer at the bottom and the scum layer at the top and any liquid effluent in between.
  2. Cleaning the tank: Once we empty the tank, we will use a high-pressure hose to clean the interior walls and remove any remaining debris or buildup.
  3. Inspecting the tank: After cleaning, we will examine the tank for signs of damage or deterioration, such as cracks or leaks.
  4. Closing the tank: Once we clean and inspect your tank, we will replace the cover and ensure it is adequately secured.

Contact Lion Home Service And Our Pierce Septic Contractors Today

At Lion Home Service, we take pride in providing high-quality septic services to our customers. Our team of Pierce septic contractors is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to ensuring the proper functioning of your septic system.

We offer a complete range of services for your septic tank, including septic pumping, cleaning, and repair. Our septic contractors use specialized equipment and techniques to keep your septic system free from potential issues.

When you choose Lion Home Service for your septic service needs, you can expect exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and reliable, efficient service. We aim to make our septic services as seamless as possible, so you can know that your septic system is in good hands.

Don’t wait until a problem arises with your septic system—contact Lion Home Service today to schedule a service with one of our experienced septic contractors. We look forward to serving you!

Let The Lion Team Fix It

When it comes to something like a septic system, even the most dedicated DIY homeowners don’t want to deal with the mess and smell. That’s why our professional septic system professionals are here to take care of the problem for you. Whether you’re smelling something foul or you’ve noticed water pooling close to your septic tank, rest assured that we’ll get your septic situation set straight as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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