Preparing Your Septic for Fall in Colorado

If you live in Northern Colorado then you know that Fall can be one of the most beautiful seasons we get to experience here. It can also be one of the most brutal for your septic system because of the constant weather changes. One day you can enjoy watching the leaves change and the next you could go skiing. With temperatures varying a lot from day to day and from day to night, it’s important to properly prepare your septic system. We’ve got tips on what you can do to get your septic system ready for the fall!

Why You Should Prep

The first thing you may be wondering is “is it really necessary to prepare my septic for Fall?” And the answer is: absolutely, yes! There are a few reasons for this, one of the major reasons being that it helps your septic function better once winter arrives. We all know that winter can be a harsh time for our home and our septic system – that’s why doing maintenance in the fall will help ensure that you are ready for whatever winter may bring. Another reason is that we typically see increased use in our septic systems during the fall season. With holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving taking place in the fall, we tend to increase the use of our septic system. The increased use can come from more people using the bathrooms in your home as well as the increased amount of cooking you do during this season. It’s reasons like these that make it important to perform maintenance on your septic system during the fall.

How to Prep Your Septic

Now that we’ve looked at why it’s important to prepare your septic system for the fall, let’s look at some ways that you can accomplish this goal.

    • Check for leaks: Leaking pipes (inside & outside your home) are never fun. They can waste gallons of water and cost you a lot of money. They also affect your septic system by leaving it vulnerable to cold temperatures. For example, should you ignore a leaking pipe during freezing temperatures, it may freeze a septic-connected pipe leading to disaster. That’s why it’s important to do a thorough check throughout your home to ensure that there are no leaks.
    • Prepare Insulation: This tip is easy to execute — just don’t cut the grass around your septic system! Letting the grass around your septic tank and leach field grow a little longer than usual will help insulate it. It’s especially useful to let the grass in the leach field grow out to prevent pipes below from freezing. *Bonus tip: if growing out your grass doesn’t work just spread a layer of mulch over the area.
    • Be Mindful Day-to-Day: Your septic can be easily affected by your day-to-day use. That’s why it’s important to monitor how you’re using the plumbing in your home. Be mindful of the amount of water you’re using and what you’re putting down the drains in your home. All of these things can affect how efficiently your septic system works.
    • Get it Pumped: If you’re due for a septic tank inspection and pump-out then before fall is a great time of year to get it done! Lion Home Service suggests that you get your system inspected and pumped every 2-3 years. Doing this will help ensure that it’s functioning at its best and ready for the winter months ahead.

Don’t Neglect it

As busy homeowners, we know it’s easy to let things like septic maintenance fall to the wayside, especially because your septic system is not something you actually see every day! However, it’s important to take proper care of your septic tank so that it can care for you and your home. Don’t get stuck with costly damage or repairs this fall! Lion Home Service septic service experts are happy to come out and help you. We can ensure that your septic is prepared for the fall and winter months. Just give us a call at (970) 829-8222.

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