Leaf Relief® Gutter Protection Systems

Lion Home Service installs and maintains Leaf Relief® gutter protection systems. Call us at 970-829-8222 to learn more today!

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We Install Leaf Relief® Gutter Protection Systems

Leaf Relief® gutter protection systems protect your gutters from debris like leaves, ice, snow, and more! Here at Lion Home Service, we sell, install, and maintain their products and are always standing by to lend you a helping hand! Contact our roofing and gutter experts to learn more about gutter protection systems or schedule an appointment for installation! Call 970-829-8222 today!

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We Provide Leaf Relief® Services To:

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Leaf Relief® Gutter Protection Systems

What Is Leaf Relief®?

As mentioned before, Leaf Relief® gutter protection systems protect your gutters from damage and clogging by blocking harmful debris. In addition, gutter protection systems can help protect your gutters from:

  • Ice and Snow: While seemingly innocuous, ice and snow can seriously damage your gutter system.
  • Leaves: Ah leaves, the dread of gutter systems everywhere. How many times have you had to go up on your roof to clear the nasty, water-logged leaves from your gutter or downspout?
  • Debris: Besides leaves, several other things find their way onto your roof and into your gutters.
  • And more!

Additionally, Gutter Protection systems help keep your gutters flowing free. Their exclusive Aluma-Perf® technology (with 489 perforations every 20 inches) allows your gutters to drain water at the same rate as a 2″x3″ downspout!

There’s A Leaf Relief® Solution For Every Gutter System

No matter the type of gutter system you have, they have a system for you. To best serve customers and protect the maximum number of gutter systems possible, they have two different types of protection systems, including:

Leaf Relief® Continuous Hanging Systems

The Leaf Relief® Continuous Hanging System is a complete gutter system that protects your gutters from leaves and debris. In addition to protecting your gutters from foreign objects, the Continuous Hanging Systems support your gutters from the front and back, strengthening them. They also have the Access Panel feature for easy monitoring of your gutter system! In addition, the Continuous Hanging System protects your gutters from things like ladders, added weight from ice and snow, and they even prevent warping. And, like all their systems, they protect from leaves and debris as well!

Leaf Relief® Gutter Protection For Existing Gutters

If you already have gutters installed, then the Leaf Relief® Gutter Protection System for Existing Gutters is the option for you! They prevent your gutters from clogging with debris like leaves and twigs. In fact, these protectors can drain 29.7″ of rainfall an hour–more than the highest rainfall ever recorded! Gutter Protection systems are available with several options, are made from heavy-duty aluminum or copper, and fit most gutters on the market today!

Contact Lion Home Service For More Leaf Relief® Information Today!

The roofing professionals at Lion Home Service sell, maintain, and install Leaf Relief® gutter systems! Contact us for more information on how these gutter protection systems can help protect your gutters from damage or schedule an estimate for installation! We’re always standing by to help you protect your gutters.

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