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I have had the most awesome service from Lion Home Services. They had somebody at my house the very next day when everyone else had a 3-4 day wait. Kyle came to our house and looked things over. He took ...

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These guys have been fabulous. Efficient, timely and professional.

Reliable Hydro-Jetting Services

Hydro-jetting is a simple yet effective way of cleaning your drains. Drain cleaners are not only dangerous, corrosive chemicals, they often fail to do the job correctly. Instead, opt for the eco-friendly power of high-pressure water jetting. Our hydro jetting process uses water and abrasives to flush out even the toughest of grease clogs present in your lines.

Our plumbers are ready to perform hydro-jetting for any of our customers. We have the equipment and experience needed to deal with clogs in commercial and residential lines. Restaurants and kitchens of any size no longer need to worry about sewage backups with our high-pressure water jetting at the ready!

Whether your line is clogged or needs cleaning before repair work, the hydro-jetting service offered by Lion Home Service is your perfect solution. Colorado trusts our service for its reliability and quality. We’ve even earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau! So don’t wait to address your backed-up sewer lines! Have us inspect and clean your lines before a little problem becomes a catastrophe.

The Steps To Hydro Jetting

For a clearer understanding of our hydro jetting procedure, please consider the following list:

  1. A Trained Service Expert Will Inspect Your Sewer Lines
  2. Easy Removed Blockages Will Be Dealt With
  3. A Hydro-Jetting Machine Is Hooked Up To Your Sewer Lines
  4. Pressurized Water Is Passed Through Your Sewer Pipes
  5. The Flow Of Water Continues Until All Obstructions Are Removed
  6. Once Cleared, Your Pipes May Be Relined If They Were Damaged While Clogged

Our hydro jetting services will address most problems experienced by people whose sewer line has clogged due to use.

Do You Need A High-Pressure Water Jetting?

If you are a regular homeowner, the answer to this question is most likely no. The majority of our hydro-jetting clients are restaurants. Still, home or business occasionally needs to have their sewer pipes hydro-jetted. As restaurants have to deal with a high volume of waste, they will inevitably end up with clogged lines. Add to this the actions of irresponsible customers dumping objects into toilets, and you have a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Thankfully, a quick hydro-jetting is all that is needed to avert disaster. However, we only recommend high-pressure water jetting for residential locations if grease clogs are present in your pipes. It is best to handle any smaller drain clogs with hand tools.

Clogged Drains May Require Our Hydro Jetting Services

Severe clogs may only be remedied through an extensive hydro jetting procedure. However, avoiding these same clogs is much easier than cleaning them once they have formed. To reduce the frequency, you require a hydro-jetting service. Keep these few things in mind.

  • Don’t Wash Grease Down Your Drain
  • Keep Your Food Waste In the Trash Or Compost
  • Use A Stopper In Your Shower
  • Don’t Allow Cement Or Grout to Wash Down Your Drain
  • Flush Your Drains

In short, don’t put anything down your drains that doesn’t belong there. Cleaning your drains whenever possible is also a great idea. Of course, we know you can’t stop every food scrap or ounce of oil from washing down the drain. If the occasional coffee ground in your lines becomes a problem, know that you have us to help you.

Hydro-Jetting Expertise From Lion Home Service

Lion Home Service has built up a wealth of experience as one of Colorado’s best-reviewed and most trusted plumbers. Our hydro-jetting service is only one of many we provide, yet we do our best to make it feel as if it is all we do. From the inspection to the actual flushing of your pipes, we do our utmost to ensure that we treat everything we do with the same level of importance. When you rely on Lion Home Service‘s team, you can be sure that we will complete every aspect of the job with as much care as the last. So don’t suffer through noxious sewer fumes any longer! Instead, contact us at (970) 632-2332 and have Lion Home Service take care of your sewer lines with high-pressure water jetting.

Hydro-Jetting From Certified Pros

If you’ve been on the lookout for fast and reliable help for your clogged lines, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Lion Home Service, we pride ourselves on offering fast and reliable hydro-jetting services. Give us a call to learn more about hydro jetting today!

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