Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Electrical Work

At Lion Home Service, we work hard to provide the people of Fort Collins, CO, with top-notch electrical work. We proudly serve all of Larimer County and the surrounding area, so you can trust us to complete your electrical job. While handling your own wiring might seem like a good idea initially, the following are reasons why it’s better to call in a professional.

You Could Get Hurt

Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous if you don’t have experience. You could electrocute yourself, which would result in serious injury or death. An electrician has the tools and experience to work around wiring and electricity safely.

Your Property Could Get Damaged

Electrical work that is done improperly can ruin wires and appliances within the home. You could also end up having to pay for expensive repairs when your own work fails. For this reason, some insurance companies won’t pay for damages caused by faulty, amateur wiring jobs. You money-saving DIY endeavor could end up being quite expensive.

You Could Start a Fire

In addition to causing basic damage, electrical work done incorrectly can cause a fire. Wiring fires can be hard to detect since they often start in walls, You might not know you’re experiencing one until it’s too late.

Your Work Likely Won’t Be to Code

Safety codes exist for a reason. Unfortunately, amateurs often have a hard time achieving the necessary high standards of modern electrical codes. Failure to adhere to code standards can cause an insurance company to refuse to cover the costs incurred.

We’ll Handle Your Wiring Job

The employees of Lion Home Service are capable of performing multiple heating, cooling, and electrical tasks for the residents of Fort Collins. We have a strong presence in our community, and we pride ourselves on conducting business with honesty and integrity.

Call us at Lion Home Service today if you need to have some electrical work done on your home in Fort Collins.