Our New & Improved Total Care Club Membership: How to Save Big

If you’ve been a long time customer of Lion Home Service then you may already know that we offer a Total Care Club membership. But, recently Lion Home Service has grown, adding services in order to better provide you with the very best total home care. With the expansion in services we knew that meant our Total Care membership had to grow, too! That’s why we’re excited to offer new rewards, coupons, and more for septic solutions along with our other services. Not sure if a Total Care Club membership is right for you? No worries, let’s run through the basics so you can save big, too!

Preventative Maintenance Matters

If you’re on the fence about signing up, we understand. The most important thing Lion Home Service wants to focus on is being there for your preventative maintenance needs. Just like you go to the doctors to get a check-up, your home needs to be checked, too! Preventative maintenance can save you from having to make costly repairs in the future. With our Total Care Club membership you’ll have access to discounts, priority scheduling, and preventative maintenance check-ups for your home! Don’t wait for something to go wrong, keep your home safe with preventative maintenance for all your home’s systems.

Septic Specific Details

Along with electrical, roofing, and HVAC, Lion Home offers assessments for your septic system. These preventative maintenance assessments are covered with a Total Care Club membership and will help ensure that your home stays healthy year-round. Take a look at just a few of the services you can expect during our 15-point septic assessment!

  • Check tank liquid levels
  • Tank construction and structural integrity
  • Access point structure integrity
  • Inlet/outlet tees and baffles
  • Checking for any cracks/leaks
  • Plus more preventative maintenance checks to ensure your septic system is working properly!

A Customer Testimonial

“Fantastic service and yes, although a lot of reviews look good it is true. Professional and friendly, knowledgeable and fixed our septic issues. I was happy enough with Eric and Lion Home Service that I joined the Total Care Club. It has already paid for itself. “ — Bradley Olwin

Lion Home Service is your total home solution and we’re dedicated to providing YOU with the best service every time we visit your home. Our team of experts is knowledgeable and ready to help you with all of your home service needs. To save, get priority scheduling, and other awesome benefits join our Total Care Club! If you’re interested in learning more about it you can visit the link here.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with excellent service you can always count on!