A Reminder of What SHOULDN’T Go Down the Drain

As you go through your daily life, it can be hard to remember what should and shouldn’t be going down the drains in your home. We live our daily lives, and our plumbing/septic is often something we don’t actively think about. While we’re not encouraging you to obsess over your septic, we want to remind you that being mindful is essential. What you put down your drains can significantly affect the health of your septic system. We’ve provided you with a PDF reminder of what not to put down your garbage disposal and a PDF for what shouldn’t get flushed down your toilet. We hope these reminders will help you keep your septic system healthy! There is no need to panic if you ever find these items going down your drain. This blog is meant to remind you to be mindful of what you’re putting down the drain. Sometimes we can all use a bit of a reminder, and we hope this can help you! Lion Septic is available to assist you with all of your septic needs. We’re there for you and your home. Just call (970) 829-8222 for septic assistance!



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