Common Septic Tank Problems

If you own a home with a septic system, you know how important they are to the proper function of your home. They literally help to move your home’s waste out and away so that you can live comfortably and safely. Lion Home Service believes that it is crucial that you know some common problems that you may encounter during the life of your septic system and to make yourself aware of the warning signs so that you can be proactive in getting them fixed.

Root intrusion

Common SEPTIC TANK Problem #1

The first common septic problem is having roots infiltrate your septic system. This problem occurs when large roots from trees or shrubs grow into your septic tank or pipes. The roots can cause lots of damage if left untreated. For example, they may cause pipes to break or cause clogs that keep the wastewater from flowing through the system properly. One way to prevent this is to ensure that you refrain from planting any large-rooted plants near your septic system.

Common SEPTIC TANK Problem #2

The second common problem you may experience with your septic system is ground movement. Any shift/movement in your area’s ground can cause concern, even if you believe it was only a small movement. The shifting may lead to cracks or fractures in the septic tank wall. You’ll know something is off if you find that your septic tank is draining slower than usual.

Common SEPTIC TANK Problem #3

The third common problem is improper care of your septic system. This one is completely preventable because it’s in your hands! Ensuring that you get your septic tank inspected, pumped, and repaired when necessary will ensure that it works properly. Skipping maintenance may lead to problems going unnoticed which can cause larger problems to form. It’s recommended that you get your tank inspected and pumped every 2-3 years.

Common SEPTIC TANK Problem #4


The fourth problem is another one that you can work on preventing. The problem is using harsh chemicals or putting non-biodegradable material in your plumbing. Harsh chemicals you may use to clean your sink, toilet, or garbage disposal are NOT good for your septic system. They can kill the natural bacteria in your septic tank that’s necessary to process your wastewater properly. A similar problem occurs when you flush or put non-biodegradable waste in your garbage disposal. These materials will not be properly broken down and may lead to clogs in your system. Again, this is easily preventable by using natural cleaning solutions and being mindful of what you send down your plumbing system.

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Overall, most of these common septic system problems are preventable with proper care. Like anything else in your home, it’s important that you take good care of your septic system. If you find that you’re experiencing any of these problems or other septic-related problems, contact Lion Home Service. Our team of professionals is prepared to help you take the best care of your septic system.