What to Know About Hail Season and Your Roof

If you’re native to the Colorado area, you know that we’re currently in the middle of hail season. Before you start rolling your eyes, thinking, “this could never happen to me.” We want you to take a look at this statistic. In 2017, Colorado was hit by one of the strongest hail storms in US history, causing $2.3 billion in damage. The reality is that storms with damaging hail can and WILL happen. But, costly damage can be avoided when you know the situation and take the proper precautions. Let’s explore some details about hail and hail season. Plus a few tips on protecting your roof from hail damage this season.

When is hail season? What does it normally entail?

Hail season in Colorado typically runs from mid-April to mid-September. It happens during the warm weather and that can often throw people off in their preparations. June through August typically has the heaviest of the storms. Hailstones are on average 1-2 inches in diameter and can be damaging to your roof. Hail season also means storms which may bring strong winds as well. All of these factors can contribute to roof damage that is costly to repair.

How can hail damage your roof?

Hail damages your home in a way that is often unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Hail can cause both functional and cosmetic damage to your roof. Damage includes things like chips, cracks, bruises, and granule loss. While these problems often begin as cosmetic, they can grow to be substantial over time. Cracks and holes may start small but can lead to leaks and severe structural damage. Hail is also often associated with high winds. These high winds may cause trees to fall or may rip shingles off your roof. Damage like this is dangerous and should be addressed by a professional as quickly as possible.

Why contact a roofing expert versus a general contractor?

A roofing expert will likely be more knowledgeable of the techniques, products, and skills necessary to best assist you with your roofing. General contractors can be great for other home-related issues. But your roof is important, it keeps you and your family safe 24/7 and it’s something you shouldn’t trust with anyone but the best. Roofing experts like Lion Home Service have certifications and knowledge that allow us to assist you with excellence. Years of experience and the right quality equipment make for an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Top-of-the-line insurance separates Master Elite roofing contractors and ordinary GAF-certified roofers. This means that Lion Home Service, a Master Elite roofer, carries the necessary liability and workers’ compensation coverage to safeguard your finances if accidents occur.

If you take nothing else away from this blog, we hope that you at least realize that preparation is key. Hail season is here and it can get ugly. Make sure that your roof is protected and ready to protect you. Call the professionals at Lion Home Service to learn more about how we can help you with your roofing needs. (970) 632-2283

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