Gutter Repair & Installation

Prevent water damage with our convenient, affordable gutter repair and installation services for your home.


Working Gutters Save You Money

Gutters have one primary job: Keep water away from your home’s structure and foundation. When water runs off of your roof, whether from rain or melting after a Northern Colorado snowstorm, it will naturally pool near your home’s foundation, which could cause incredibly expensive damage to your home’s structure. This vital function is crucial to ensuring that your home.

What Do Well-Maintained Gutters Do?

  • Mitigate soil erosion
  • Greatly reduce the risk of basement flooding
  • Keep streams of water away from paint and siding
  • Reduce wear-and-tear of home’s exterior
  • Protect against mold and mildew growth
  • Ensure rainwater doesn’t end up near your home’s foundation
  • Save your family money, as all of the above elements are expensive fixes

Gutter Repair or Replacement

Often, homes in our community already feature gutters that are in pretty good shape. If you suspect that your gutters have suffered some wear-and-tear, are damaged after being full of debris, or were impacted by a recent storm, the gutters will be salvageable and only require minor repairs.

The team at Lion Home Service is ready to come out and let you know if your home’s gutters are better off being replaced or, ideally, perform only the necessary repairs in a speedy manner.

Signs you may need gutter repair:

  • The gutters look uneven or sagging. Water will not flow properly through unlevel gutters, so these will need to be repaired or replaced right away.
  • There are signs of water damage along your roofline, in the attic, or on the ground where water is pooling beneath the home.
  • You notice any peeling paint or rust on the gutter itself, which is often a sign of gutters overflowing
  • Gutter hardware, including nails or mounting brackets, is found on the ground
  • During rain, you notice a stream of water coming from the roof

Gutter Installation

In almost every case, the only homes that do not feature gutters already are new construction homes. If you’re a builder looking for gutter or roof installation, we can help.

If for any other reason, your home does not currently have gutters installed, it is best to get that corrected right away to avoid potentially costly damages.

The team at Lion is ready to help with your gutter issues and ensure that your home’s structure and foundation are protected from costly water damages. Give us a call today for more information!

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