Keep your Family Safe with These Electrical Tips

Curious about common electrical behaviors that are putting your family at risk? Worry no more. In this article, we will address some of the most common electrical hazards we encounter in the home and outline how to avoid them.

Watch your Wattage

Avoid electrical overload by always ensuring that you are not surpassing the recommended wattage level on your appliances. To check wattage level on fixtures like lamps, look at the base of where the light bulb screws in and look for a sticker or writing that outlines the maximum bulb wattage you should be using.

Don’t Overload your Outlets

As tempting as it is, try and not overload your power sockets. Most frequently, people experience issues with shortages when they are trying to plug too many devices into one socket whether that be through an extension cord or power strip. This can also lead to fire hazard so make sure you are only plugging 1-2 devices into a socket at a time.

Unplug Unused Appliances

When appliances—especially large ones—are not in use, you can save energy and reduce fire hazard by simply unplugging them. We understand that this action is not always feasible as many times, appliances are in use. However, in cases where you will not be home, such as vacations, it is quick and easy to unplug before leaving.

Provide Proper Air Circulation

Air circulation is more of an issue for electronic devices than any other type of fixtures but improper circulation for these devices can cause serious home damage. Most specifically, appliances like computers, laptops and certain gaming consoles have been known to overheat. When these devices are fully charged or not in use, make sure to unplug the charger.

Protect Children from Hazards

To help prevent your children from experiencing electrical shock, there are a few key tips we would recommend. First and foremost, buy plastic plugs for all unused sockets. Second, invest in wire covers for areas like home offices or entertainment centers that have many wires to ensure that children cannot plug or unplug wires.

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