Christmas Lighting 101: Tips and Tricks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Making cookies for Santa and decorating the tree are traditions that keep the Christmas spirit alive. Make sure your Christmas lights are safe to avoid any dangerous situations.

Replace Damaged Lights

Always inspect your Christmas lights for damage before putting them up. Even if they look fine, you should plan on replacing them every 4-6 years to be safe.

Upgrade Your Decorations

Using old lights may be the cheaper way to go, but they are much less safe. Try upgrading your lights to LEDs! They have a long lifespan and are cool to the touch, meaning they are much less likely to start a fire.

Keep Your Tree Hydrated

Keeping your tree properly watered can help you avoid catastrophe. Putting warm lights on a dry tree is an easy way to start a house fire.

Be Careful Where You Plug in Your Lights

When plugging in your Christmas lights, it is important that you do not overload an outlet. Don’t put more than two or three light strings into one outlet. Using multiple different circuits can keep you from blowing a fuse.


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