What to do About a Rusty Air Conditioner

A rusty air conditioner isn’t just an eyesore. If you allow rust to develop on your air conditioner’s surfaces for long enough, eventually it will corrode vital parts and cause your unit to stop working altogether. At Lion Home Service, we advise our customers in the Fort Collins, CO, area to take all the necessary preventative actions to ensure that their air conditioner continues to operate efficiently for years to come. Here are the reasons your air conditioner can develop rust and how you can prevent further damage.

How Does Your Air Conditioner Get Rusty?

If you live near the ocean, you have an elevated risk of seeing your air conditioner develop rust as the saltiness of the humid air can eat away at the surfaces. Snow and ice can also break down the coat of paint on your air conditioner. The change from hot summer months to freezing winters can wreak havoc on your AC system’s surfaces. Be mindful of what is stated on your unit’s warranty because rust may cause it to be void.

How Can You Prevent Rust on Your AC?

If your environment is conducive to making your AC develop rust, you may want to consider buying a model that comes covered in protective paint. This should keep you from having to deal with rust for a few years. If you already have an older air conditioner that is starting to show signs of rust, you can buy special paint and make sure to cover your unit in time to prevent further damage.

Repainting Your Air Conditioner

Start by removing the rust from your air conditioner with some fine-grit sandpaper. Then, use a degreaser to wash the dust and debris from the rust removal you’ve just conducted. Cover vital internal parts with a tarp or a cloth and add a layer of rust-proof primer to the areas that were rusty. Finish off the process by coating with rust-proof paint.

If you’re a homeowner in the Fort Collins, CO, area and you need help assessing the extent of rust damage on your air conditioner, call Lion Home Service today to consult with one of our friendly experts. We also provide 24/7 emergency support for your emergency heating and cooling needs while also offering electrical and roofing services for your home.