Can Whole House Fans Help to Remove Coronavirus?

The United States has been hit harder than expected by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. This impact has caused us to retreat indoors and spend more time than ever inside our homes, which leads to a number of interesting indoor air quality concerns and questions that simply matter more now than ever.

Among them, there’s no small amount of concern about virus particles and other contaminants living in our air and on surfaces in our homes. Proper ventilation and indoor air quality are a legitimate concern for many families in Northern Colorado — especially those without a whole house fan. If you’re considering one of these systems for your home, this could offer a unique benefit that you maybe haven’t considered.

Increased Air Flow, Increased Ventilation

When we consider the benefits of a whole house fan, often the only real driving factor is cost-efficient cooling for your home. However, an often-overlooked quality every whole house fan offers is cycled, fresh airflow. Basically, because of the way a whole house fan cools your home is through a significant flow of air throughout your home, you also get a sort of free ventilation and airflow system alongside the cooling your system is built to provide.

While creating excellent ventilation and airflow is often an afterthought when considering a whole house fan in normal times, these are not normal times. In fact, it is likely that we’ll see many Americans, including those here in Northern Colorado, looking at quite a few things differently even long after this virus has left our minds.

If the concern for the air quality in our homes remains a more permanent fixture in our minds, the ongoing benefit a whole house fan offers in terms of removing allergens, odors, air quality issues, and likely even airborne virus particles is certainly significant.

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

The EPA recommends homeowners consider their indoor air quality as a way to fight off COVID-19 and protect their loved ones from indoor contaminants. Using increased ventilation, including outside air, is their top suggestion for families to consider when looking to keep the virus out of their homes.

Additionally, indoor air quality expert and CU Boulder Professor, Dr. Shelly Miller recently urged Americans to consider their indoor air quality and even suggests there is reason to investigate the potential benefits whole house fans offer with regard to indoor air quality and keeping infectious diseases out of our homes.

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Also, it is worth mentioning that a breath of fresh air just makes us feel better. With fewer places to go and reasons to get out-and-about, it can be easy to get cabin fever. Using a whole house fan to cool your home allows for a steady, constant stream of fresh air into your home.

Science Isn’t Perfect

As indicated above, there simply isn’t enough research out there to claim that anyone thing will dramatically help for any and every emerging virus or disease to come. However, there is plenty to be said about the powerful feeling of bringing fresh air into your home and, quite literally, pulling out the old, stale air.

The jury is still out on the exact benefit of whole house fans sucking out virus particles, but there are still tons of benefits to enjoying a whole house fan for your home — especially now.

Learn more about what our QuietCool® whole house fans can do for your family and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable this cost-saving system can be.

Or, if you’re ready to move forward, get in touch with us to discuss your home’s cooling options today!